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Ecological corridors

Wersja polska

The Roztocze National Park is located in the system of protected areas of Roztocze, Puszcza Solska and Zamojska Basin at regional, national and international levels. This network includes: the national park, nature reserves, parks and protected areas of Natura 2000 network and corridors - legally resulting from the Nature Conservation Act.

The Roztocze National Park concentrates four basic types of ecological corridors in its area and the immediate vicinity: forest, non-forest land (xerotherms, agrocoenoses), wetlands (river, valley, peatlands - low, transitional and high and varying degrees of humid forests, mainly forest marshes), air (migration of birds and bats) and two types of local corridors - located in the Park, related to areas located in the immediate vicinity: the migration of herpetofauna (along and across the routes running through RNP) and the migration of large and medium-sized mammals (across the routes running through RNP).

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RPN/SB ZMŚP Roztocze
Text: Przemysław Stachyra