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EEA Project

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Roztocze is a region of outstanding natural beauty, an ecological corridor of European importance which nests many species of plants and animals in the island system or on the border of insular range, entered in the Polish and Ukrainian Red Book of Animals and Plants. The region is covered by all forms of nature provided by Polish and Ukrainian law. Central and South Roztocze is covered, almost as a whole, by the NATURA 2000.

At the same time the region is without clear cultural identity, standing on the eve of its development, particularly tourism based on natural and cultural values. The Roztocze National Park is implementing the project titled: "Recognition and popularization of biodiversity of Roztocze - natural and cultural heritage of the border region".

The project aims to popularize the knowledge and biodiversity of Roztocze, building a regional identity based on the rational management of natural resources of Roztocze.

The purpose of the project is to show the uniqueness of the region, emphasizing the need to work "together in spite of borders" in accordance with the principle of sustainable development.

The project is targeted at the regional residents and tourists visiting Roztocze.

The information, by means of the use of various forms, is adapted to many age groups, especially children, tourists, local community, professional groups and an accidental recipient.

The activities of the Roztocze National Park are concentrated around a few actions related to the development of an interactive exhibition covering the whole area of Roztocze, developing publications (maps, calendars, activity plans), educational activities related to the open-air events and competitions (eg. photo, plastic), organization of workshops, specialized bike rally and creating a website.

The operational program "Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services" in the framework of the project "Recognition and popularization of biodiversity of Roztocze -natural and cultural border region" uses the grant in the amount of 1 276 thousand PLN coming from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway under the EEA funds.

We have already started our activities related to the promotion of the project. A few days ago, promotional spots were shot in the Park. They will be presented on our website very soon. From July 26 to August 14, 17.30-18.30 and 22.00-23.00 hours, you will be able to see our spot in 5 regional TV stations (Warsaw, Krakow, Rzeszow, Lublin, Kielce). At the same time, we are working over the radio material, which can be listened to on Radio Lublin in July and August.


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Text: Magdalena Kaproń