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Natura 2000

Wersja polska

Two areas were established in the Roztocze National Park:

  • The Area of Community Importance - SCA (future Special Conservation Area, commonly referred to as habitat area) - Central Roztocze PLH060017,
  • Special Protection Area (commonly known as bird area) - Roztocze PLB060012.

The overall objective of conservation activities in both areas of Natura 2000, within the park, is to maintain a favorable conservation status of habitats and species of plants and animals, which are objects of protection, and to ensure the integrity and coherence of Natura 2000 network in this part of Poland. To achieve this, it is necessary to maintain proper biocenotic connectivity with Natura 2000 neighboring sites ( Puszcza Solska and Uroczyska of Solska Puszcza - from the south and west; Janowskie Forests and Uroczyska of Janowskie Forests - from the west; Niedzieliski Forest, Niedzielska, Kąty, Hubale, Valley Łabuńki and Topornica - from the north and north-east, Debra, St. Roch, Uroczyska of Adamski Forests, Drifts in Senderkach - from the east) and the maintenance of flow of ecological corridors, identified and described in terms of natural conditions.

The Roztocze National Park - including Natura 2000 sites in Central Roztocze and Roztocze - has been so far confirmed with 12 natural habitats included in the enclosed
I Habitat Directive (3 consecutive habitat types are in the process of verification), 4 species of plants from the enclosed II Habitat Directive, 29-31 species of enclosed II Habitat Directive (29 occurring at the moment and 2 requiring confirmation ), and 59 species of birds from the enclosed I Birds Directive.

Worked by:
RPN/SB ZMŚP Roztocze
Text: Przemysław Stachyra